Can I clone my harddrive onto an external harddrive?

Answer You can use Norton Ghost (NOT free, although does have a trial) to clone drives, bit-for-bit...Trial:…Full: can also try one ... Read More »

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Can I add a second harddrive without erasing or affecting the first harddrive?

yes it is posible just add the other hardrive ok but the hardrive has to be second slave not master slave ok

Where can I buy a cheap external harddrive?

If you're buying online, amazon has some good deals. Here's a link for external hard drives…

Can I recover files from a dead external harddrive?

According to MSN, you could put your hard drive in the freezer and than your hard drive will work a little longer if it is cold.A note for the future though, if anything happens to one of your hard... Read More »

Erased data, can i get it back (from an external harddrive)?

yes you canmost newer recovery software will scan and recover from even removable hard drives/ flash memory.. etc