Can I clean my computer by doing a system restore (giving best answer)?

Answer That should it.Also get a good anti virus software product and scan it for viruses.Also find all files using the "Search" function and look for all files created after the day before you computer w... Read More »

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Does doing a system restore cause loss of data?

Performing a system restore indeed causes a loss of data. It reverts your system to a previous state. Therefore, when you revert to a previous state, system files and other data are reverted as wel... Read More »

Newest IPod touch help GIVING BEST ANSWER!!!!?

Hmmm u could send the video to ur email, then delete it from Photos and then from ur email re-add it :)

How do I clean a System Restore folder?

Go to the Start menu. Click on "All Programs," then click "Accessories," "System Tools" and "Disk Cleanup."Double-click the "C: drive" in the list, and click "OK." The Disk Cleanup program will beg... Read More »

How do I system restore my computer?

You need to boot into Windows Recovery Environment Turn the computer on, and immediately press and hold the F8 key.After several seconds, the Advanced Boot Options screen will appear.Use the up and... Read More »