Can I claim private health insurance on my taxes?

Answer On One Hand: Can Be Tax DeductibleSome medical expenses incurred by you and your spouse or dependent can be deducted. Private health and dental insurance premiums can be included as itemized deduc... Read More »

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Do you have to pay taxes on insurance claim money?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, generally speaking money received as a benefit from a life insurance policy is non-taxable. There are some exceptions to this rule. Consult with a tax adv... Read More »

What is a health insurance claim?

A health insurance claim is a formal notification to an insurance company of a health related incident that qualifies under the insurance policy agreement for reimbursement. Claims often require re... Read More »

Are taxes due when you claim life insurance policies?

You only need to include the insurance policy money as part of your gross income on your taxes if the amount exceeds the amount payable to you at the time of the person's death. For example, if th... Read More »

Can you claim life insurance payments on your taxes?

No, you cannot deduct the cost of life insurance payments on your tax return. Additionally, while businesses are able to deduct the cost of insuring an office building, they may not deduct the cost... Read More »