Can I choose what school my child attends in California?

Answer You have some choice about what school your child attends within California's public school system, but California does not support a private school option. (Reference 1) California schools are req... Read More »

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What is the age that a child can choose which parent they live with in California?

Does a non custodial parent pay child support while he or she attends college?

Does the non custodial parent have a job, even a part time job? If not, how does the non custodial parent support themself and pay for tuition? Does the custodial parent make a good income? These a... Read More »

How to Choose a School for Your Child?

Choosing a school for your child is a decision that will impact them for the rest of their life, so it should not be taken lightly. Although it is serious it doesn't have to be stressful. All you h... Read More »

How to Choose a Secondary School for Your Child?

Parents often hear many stories about Secondary Schools in their borough. Many true, many untrue. I'm here to tell you how to decide on the right Secondary School for your child.