Can I choose what retainer I want?

Answer A permanent retainer is cemented on the back of your teeth. It is not visible from the front.

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How to Choose What You Want to Be when You Grow Up?

Choosing what you want to dedicate your life to is a tough decision. Lucky for you, this article will help you decide what you want your future to be like.

What do you want to eat right now(if u could choose) ?

A dish called Oregonian Surprise. It's so juicy and is sweet. I would have to claim it as a dessert.

At what age can a child in New York choose who they want to reside with?

Answer A minor is not allowed to choose which parent they wish to live with. If the minor is of an age where the judge feels he or she understands the issue, the judge may speak with said minor co... Read More »

What age can a child choose who they want to live with in North Carolina?