Can I change my mind if I put an offer on a house?

Answer Your ability to get out of a real estate agreement will vary based on your state's laws and the terms of the contract. You can usually withdraw an offer before it is accepted, and you can usually ... Read More »

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What steps should be kept in mind while making house plan?

The steps up to the front door and the steps up to the back door are vital.

What would your dream house be like 10 points to the most creative mind?

Hmm.. If I had billions of dollars to spend, I would want a bunch of different houses all over the world! So I could take vacations whenever, and always have a place to stay.. But I will only be sp... Read More »

Should I clean the eves on the roof of my house or should I keep my mind out of the gutter?

The mind is a terrible thing to waste …..keep it in the gutter

How to Make an Offer on a House Without a Realtor?

The Internet has allowed buyers to find homes for sale using online databases and websites without the assistance of a Realtor. Though real estate agents can help you navigate through the complexit... Read More »