Can I buy silver bars from the U.S. Mint?

Answer Silver bars cannot be purchased directly through the U.S. Mint. Silver bars can be bought through independent dealers or financial institutions. Buying silver is an option to diversify your assets.... Read More »

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What does the mint mark"JM"mean on Silver Eagles?

The "JM" mark on an American Eagle Silver Proof Coin represents the initials of sculptor and U.S. Mint engraver John Mercanti. Mercanti designed the heraldic eagle upon the reverse.References:US Mi... Read More »

Where is the mint mark on a Morgan silver dollar?

The Morgan silver dollar, which was struck by the U.S. Mint from 1878 to 1921, contains a mintmark below the wreath on the reverse of the coin. The coin was minted in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Den... Read More »

Are U.S. mint produced gold& silver coins legal tender?

U.S. mint gold and silver coins are legal tender; however, their worth in transactions is limited to their face value. Face value is the amount stamped on the coin itself, such as one dollar. The a... Read More »

Should you buy silver rounds or bars?

On One Hand: Worth the SameWhether your silver is in bar form or in rounds it has the same value. The cost of silver depends on weight, not shape. Silver cost about $15 per ounce in February 2010.O... Read More »