Can I buy food with a Comdata card?

Answer Comdata cards can be used to purchase food, if the store or restaurant is an authorized establishment for your specific Comdata card. Each company controls where their employees can use a Comdata c... Read More »

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Can you get nutrisystem meals with a food stamp card?

Under the USDA food stamp program, NutriSystem meals can be purchased with a food stamp card since they are considered to be food. Other weight-loss programs and health supplements that can be purc... Read More »

Can I purchase cleaning items with a food stamp card?

You are allowed to purchase food products with food stamps or with the food stamp card. You cannot buy medicines, paper products, cleaning supplies, or other non-food items including beer and tobac... Read More »

What cartoon involved cooking up a food dish and throwing a card into it transforming the food into a creature that was used to fight?

How do I put graphic card in my computer with sound card stuck with it?

Hi,You are misunderstanding the view, the graphics card and the sound card are Integrated in the motherboard not separate cards.Any additional cards go into the slots above where the grey removable... Read More »