Can I buy a home while on a debt management plan?

Answer If you have been paying your debt management plan payments on time for 6 to 12 months, you may be able to obtain a mortgage loan from the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). You may be able to gain ap... Read More »

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Does Alaska have a debt management plan?

Alaska offers a debt management plan administered by the Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Alaska. Both Fairbanks and Anchorage have CCCS of Alaska offices. The nonprofit CCCS of Alaska is aff... Read More »

Anyone heard of the American Express Consumer Debt Management Plan?

Hi all,Same thing, one came to my current address for almost 9,000 and the other went to my former address for a bit over 1,800. I had 2 amex accounts and went through CCCS. It is a refund of the... Read More »

Objectives of Debt Management?

Some people spend blindly from month to month, never knowing where their money is going and how much they have in the bank at a given moment. This can result in a financial crisis if hard economic ... Read More »

Top Rated Debt Management Companies?

Getting in debt is a problem for many individuals and families. Finding the right debt solution company will help protect you from bankruptcy and losing your home and prized possessions. FairLoanRa... Read More »