Can I burn K-1 kerosene in my diesel truck?

Answer K-1 kerosene generally can be used as fuel in diesel engines. It is wise, however, to check with a diesel engine's manufacturer before using anything other than diesel fuel in the engine because so... Read More »

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Can i use kerosene in my diesel mercedes?

On One Hand: Kerosene Mixture Will Power Your MercedesIt is certainly possible to power your Mercedes with a kerosene mixture. Kerosene acts as a burning agent for your engine. When mixed with dies... Read More »

Can kerosene be used for diesel engines?

On One Hand: Yes, It CanKerosene can be used in a diesel engine. Kerosene and diesel fuel are both middle distillates, meaning they are in the middle of petroleum products when it comes to weight a... Read More »

Can i run kerosene in a diesel generator?

On One Hand: Kerosene Will Run in a Diesel GeneratorOil is refined into many different products, ranging from gasoline and solvents to fuel oils, such as home heating oil, diesel and kerosene. Numb... Read More »

Can diesel be used in a kerosene heater?

Diesel cannot be used in a kerosene heater, which is designed to burn pure kerosene efficiently and without fumes after start-up. Diesel is less pure and can cause deposits to form on the kerosene ... Read More »