Can I build a harmony pedal for a guitar?

Answer On One Hand: Cost EffectivenessAccording to Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page, the cost of purchasing items such as IC chips, capacitors, wafer boards and enclosures for building a commonly availabl... Read More »

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How to Build Your Own Effects Pedal for an Electric Guitar?

Electric guitar effects pedals manipulate the signal from your guitar to enhance, modify or color the tone of your instrument. There are multiple types of effects, including distortion, modulation ... Read More »

Can you use a guitar hero world tour drum pedal&rock band 2 drum pedal together?

According to the compatibility list on on the Rock Band website, the drums can be used interchangeably between the two games. With the release of the similar games from the two companies, compatib... Read More »

Harmony Guitar Identification?

During its heyday, Harmony accounted for more than half of all guitars built in America each year. Due to this industrial level of production, it is unlikely that even its less common guitars coul... Read More »

Guitar Harmony Pitch Effects?

Playing a musical instrument can enrich a person's life. Electric guitarists today can enhance their enjoyment of playing by adding any number of special effects devices to their set-ups. Dozens of... Read More »