Can I brush right away?

Answer I had a root canal yesterday too. Yes you can brush and swish with listerine. I have to admit I was nervous to brush too because I have a sonic care toothbrush and was scared it would hurt like c... Read More »

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How to Select the Right Makeup Brush?

If you've ever gone to the cosmetics counter at your local department store, you've probably seen hundreds of different brushes. Use the right makeup brush and you can copy the sophisticated, playf... Read More »

Should i brush my teeth right now?

Whenever in doubt, go ahead and brush! ☺

Can I get contacts right away?

You don't have to wear glasses for a certain amount of time before you can get contacts, I think that is some story made up by optometrists to cover for parents that don't want to spend the extra m... Read More »

How Can I Clean My Makeup Brush That Has Sparkles on It That Won't Go Away?

Over time, makeup brushes pick up all sorts of debris other than makeup. Used daily, brushes collect oil and dirt from the skin. Brushes should be cleaned often, especially after using highly pigme... Read More »