Can I bring plants into California?

Answer The California Division of Agriculture imposes restrictions on which plants can be brought into the state to deter pests such as whiteflies. Where the plant originates from is important. Vehicles ... Read More »

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How to Bring in Outdoor Plants for the Winter?

Winter survival of your outdoor plants is at risk when they are planted in containers, because the soil thaws and freezes quicker than in the ground. When the soil changes at such a rate, it begins... Read More »

California Landscaping Plants?

Gardening and landscaping with native plants in California benefits the landscape and aids in the reduction of water usage. Native plants work well in California landscapes because they are accusto... Read More »

Shade Plants for California?

California's weather features a fair amount of sunlight, but some homes within the state have plenty of shaded areas. Shade may not seem conducive to a garden, but numerous plants can do well withi... Read More »

California Monarda Plants?

Monarda, or beebalm, is a mint family native growing wild over most of the continental US with the exception of Alaska. Many types exist, each suited to their particular habitat. California is host... Read More »