Can I bring bottled water onto an airplane flight?

Answer According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), travelers can carry on liquid in containers of 3 ounces or less in a one-quart plastic bag. However, bottled water may be purchased af... Read More »

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What does it cost to bring my archery equipment on an airplane flight?

Most airlines do not levy extra charges for archery equipment beyond what it would cost to check an extra bag. Some airlines charge for any checked baggage, so check with the airline you will be tr... Read More »

Can I take bottled water on an airplane?

Any liquid that is nonflammable can be taken on a flight, as long as it has a container size of 3.4 oz or smaller. A container size larger than 3.4 oz would have to be checked by security. However,... Read More »

Can i bring home cooked items onto a domestic airline flight?

You can bring home-cooked items onto a domestic airlines flight. Items that are considered liquid, aerosol or gel must be placed in a checked bag. Food items may not be gift wrapped.References:Tran... Read More »

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I think research shows that if we develop the Congo KINSHASA, hole African will get confort and help from this amazing country where you may find anything needed for the good its people and whole w... Read More »