Can I bring Vegemite into Cambodia from Australia?

Answer Not only is it permissible to bring Vegemite into Cambodia from Australia, but some Cambodian charitable groups recommend doing so, since Vegemite may not be available in remote areas of the countr... Read More »

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How many jars of Vegemite can I bring into Cambodia?

Cambodia has no import restrictions on food, so you may bring as much Vegemite with you as you can carry. Cambodia does forbid importing perishable (refrigerated) foods, as well as the import of ic... Read More »

How Much Money Can I Bring into& Take Out of Australia?

Australia allows you to bring in and take out up to 10,000 AUD (Australian Dollars) or foreign currency equivalent without making a customs declaration. Australia has no maximum amount you can tech... Read More »

How much money can i bring into&take out of australia?

According to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, there is no minimum or maximum amount of cash that you can bring into or out of Australia. However, cash in the amount of AUD $10,... Read More »

If you buy an iphone 4 from the U.S and bring it to Australia wil it work. do i just have to unlock it. can you do that. what sim card does it work with?

If the iPhone is factory unlocked,yes u can use it If not,nope U have to jailbrake it and unlock it. Still no unlock for the 4-th iPhone Maybe the next week it's gonna to be a release