Can I bring Homemade wine across the boarder?

Answer Yes you Can I bring Homemade wine across the boarder.

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Can I bring homemade wine from Canada to the U.S.?

According to U.S. Customs, you can bring alcohol into the country legally, even homemade wine, if it is 1 U.S. quart or less in volume. Any alcohol over that limit will be confiscated.References:Vi... Read More »

Can you reuse wine bottle corks when making homemade wine?

Wine bottle corks should not be reused when making homemade wine. Previously used corks have a much higher chance of being cracked or slightly damaged, which can cause the wine to seep through the ... Read More »

Can I bring a silver ingot across the U.S. border?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanA silver ingot is a bar or plate of silver used as currency or to hold value. You can bring any amount of currency in any form into the United States, according to U.S. Dep... Read More »

Can I bring my dog across the Canadian border for vacation?

Visitors traveling to Canada with dogs that are at least 3 months old must have proof of current rabies vaccination that has been validated by a veterinarian. Dogs that are younger than 3 months do... Read More »