Can I borrow 5 dollars from this section?

Answer I am sending you $0,000,000,000,000,000 . 00 only .

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I have this smell coming from my body,that seems cancerous.It mainly comes from my mid section,which makes me?

The truth is, just because you stink doesn't mean you have cancer. Unless you're a cancer sniffing dog, you couldn't smell it. Your option is to bathe really well and use some deodorant. I don't kn... Read More »

What people from this section do you dislike?

I don't have time to play psychological games with the people looking for attention. Anyway, "hate" requires emotional involvement, and I don't have time for that, either.I will say this, however:... Read More »

How do I stop myself from seeing this person in the Friends section of my Facebook wall?

in short, you cant, you already have a history with them - so facebook predicts that you would like to keep interacting with them - that's how those top 9 people are chosen

Why do they go to every question in this section & post this answer GRRRRRR?

This link is also interesting. =);…I have seen this posted and re-posted a lot lately as well. I just saw it posted a few moments ago and there's also a ... Read More »