Can I be sued for not paying a credit card debt?

Answer You can be sued for not paying your credit card debt. Once you are 60 days or more behind on your debt, your creditor may decide to take action against you. You should try to work something out wit... Read More »

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How Likely Am I to Be Sued for Not Paying a Credit Card?

There are no set guidelines for determining whether a credit card company will sue cardholders to collect unpaid credit card debts. Each company has its own standards for filing debt-collection law... Read More »

Can you be sued over a credit card debt?

A credit card company can sue you if you do not pay back your debt. A credit card company is more likely to sue you if you are more than 60 days late. If you have a cosigner on the account, the cre... Read More »

What happens when you are sued over credit card debt?

If standard debt collection methods, such as letters and telephone calls, fail, a creditor has the right to file a lawsuit against the debtor. When a creditor wins a lawsuit, the court grants a jud... Read More »

If I'm Being Sued for Credit Card Debt, Can My Credit Report Be Used Against Me?

A credit report compiles your payment history into four sections: negative accounts, positive accounts, public records and collections. The information contained in a credit report is vital because... Read More »