Can I be sued for downloading youtube to mp3 music?

Answer Can you be sued? Yes. Chances you will be sued, so far they are very thin. Like with all laws, they have to catch you first. Not that I am condoning this action, just answering your question

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How can you prevent from being fined or sued for downloading music illegally?

Don't share files. On every program there is a check box or button that ask if you want to shar files from your computer or files you download. Select no. Then each program has a library where it s... Read More »

Is downloading music from youtube considered illegal?

It is illegal to download copyrighted music from YouTube; however, if the music was produced and uploaded to YouTube without the use of any copyrighted material from other artists, it is not consid... Read More »

Could i get sued for downloading torrents if im outside the US?

It's not what you are outside. It's what you are inside. Most western countries co-operate in copyright crime. If you were in Iran or North Korea, you might not be bothered. Here in China, they mak... Read More »

Am I going to get sued on youtube ?

No. They'll just ban the account. You can upload anime, just use a mirrored version. Or give a disclaimer before the video, and in the description.