Can I be going deaf in my right ear?

Answer In short yes you could however by what you discribe , I am inclined to believe that you have a couple things that you could have wrong , this is not to say that every thing I am telling you is wron... Read More »

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Am I going deaf in one ear?

Chances are its just sinus pressure. Can't do to much about it but I usually take some sinus relief pills, other then you just have to let it run its coarse.

Am i going deaf in one ear..?

Don't Freak Out! (:Its Probably A Quiet Room?Even I Go Through That Daily!(;Don't Pay Attention To It! YOU'LL be Aboulutely Fine;D

Suddenly deaf in right ear?

Go see the doctor if you're not sure. If it is ear wax build up, they can remove some of the wax. If not, they can still help.

Is my ear drum ruptured Am I going deaf!?

Close up the ear tightly with a finger for a while,about 3 or 4 min..then remove it..if that doesn't help..u need to see the doctor