Can I be fired from my job if my doctor signs me out of work due to back problem caused at work?

Answer they can not sack you if you have a medical certificate, this is unfair dismissal, the most they can do is call you in for a meating to determine how long you will be on the sick for and if they ne... Read More »

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If you work for Pepsi, and drink Coke at work, can you get fired?

My husband works for Coke, and he is not allowed to have any Pepsi products on company property, or will be fired. That includes all companies affiliated with Pepsi (Frito-Lay, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut... Read More »

If you were on disability for 10 months then went back to work for about a month but are now out of work agin can you get back on disabilty?

Answer Are you talking you were out on SSDI or on LTDI or STDI? If you were out on a covered DI claim thru and insurance co, the answer is yes. Call your agent, they can help you. 4lifeguild

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What Are My Rights If I'm Being Suspended or Fired From Work in Maryland State?

In Maryland, most employment is considered "at will," so even if your employer unfairly fired you, it may be difficult to win a wrongful termination lawsuit. However, if your employer suspends or f... Read More »