Can I be a translator with one language?

Answer Sure, why not? If you work in a company that needs someone to speak German, there you go! Maybe for the UN, you need more, but there's opportunities for anyone knowing another language. Nancala :) ... Read More »

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Is there a language translator?

It depends on your browser. Intenet Explorer has a free translation function. See the link below for "how to" and be sure you have downloaded the latest Internet Explorer version compatable with yo... Read More »

What is the best language translator?

Corvus is right - there is NO such thing as a good online translator. Translation requires context and a computer doesn't know the different between the word 'fly' (the insect) or 'fly' (on a plane... Read More »

What is the best language translator program?

Can someone recommend a program with hungarian language (from/to) ? gnome-translate doesn't have the hungarian language... Many thanks

What Are The Function Of A Language Translator?

To transmit the information, for communication.