Can I be a CSI with a degree in criminal justice?

Answer On One Hand: Criminal Justice: Great Background for CSIYou can become a crime scene investigator (CSI) with a criminal justice degree. Specific job requirements differ from agency to agency but a d... Read More »

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What is a BS degree in criminal justice?

A bachelor of science (BS) degree is a first step toward teaching criminal justice theory or becoming a lawyer, according to People with this degree may increase their chances ... Read More »

How to Pursue a Criminal Justice Degree?

For those who desire a position in law enforcement, which includes the FBI, DEA, Juvenile Justice Centers and police departments, obtaining a criminal justice degree is vital. Moreover, many people... Read More »

What career can you get from a criminal justice degree?

A degree in criminal justice can lead to many different careers. Students focus on science, psychology, and math in addition to criminal justice specifics, which provide a rich and diverse educatio... Read More »

How to Obtain a Degree in Criminal Justice?

Learn how to obtain a degree in criminal justice or criminology and start on a path to a rewarding career in homeland security, police work, private investigating and other related specialty fields... Read More »