Can I bake salmen not sure if I spelled it right?

Answer If you mean salmon, the fish, yes you can. You can bake it on a cookie sheet or any other oven safe shallow dish. You can glaze it first if you prefer. Be sure to at least salt it and possibly b... Read More »

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Carpal Tunnel (hope thats spelled right)?

Probably. They are repetitive motions at can aggravate the nerve going through the narrow tunnel in the wrist. I am a long time knitter and also a secretary. I had to have surgery on my right wr... Read More »

How much are madinae(Dont know if spelled that right) tickets for a movie in las vegas ?

I assume you mean matinee for the afternoon and morning movies.It depends a lot on the theater.I think the IMAX at the Palms is still about $14 even matinee, but I have seen some theaters with $5 a... Read More »

How to Make Sure Your Clothing Is Right for You?

This is for you people who think that your clothing is too small, big,or any other problem you have. This will help you though the ruff times you have. So I hope this helps you a lot!

How can I be sure I have the right foundation for my skin tone?

I'm just sorry that you've paid so much money to get that lovely purple hue luv. You could have gone out drinking with me, fallen down a flight of stairs and got the same result!Still, I'm sure all... Read More »