Can I bake a small cake in my toaster oven?

Answer You can, but the results may be a little bumpy. Try a simply box cake recipie first with a small rectangular metal pan. I would watch this carefully as batter could come into contact with the heati... Read More »

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Do toaster ovens bake hotter or faster than a regular oven?

Toaster ovens heat up faster and maintain their temperature better than conventional ovens because a toaster oven is much smaller. Therefore, things may bake faster in a toaster oven than in a regu... Read More »

Can you use regular cake mix in an Easy Bake oven?

Traditional-sized cake mixes are permissible to use in an Easy-Bake oven. The entire cake mix cannot be used at one time, of course. Along with a tablespoon of milk, three tablespoons of cake mix i... Read More »

Does easy bake oven's yellow cake have nuts in it?

yes it contains Brazil nuts. although interestingly these are not proper nuts. they are actually seeds

How to cook a pillsbury toaster scramble in a toaster oven?

A bit late, but you may still have some in the freezer. In a toaster oven, one cycle usually does the trick. Use the same settings as you would to make golden-brown toast, usually medium to medium-... Read More »