Can I bake a pie in a square pan?

Answer On One Hand: Definition of a pieA pie generally consists of a pastry crust and a filling, and both may be either sweet or savory. Many traditional pies are baked in a square or rectangle shape, and... Read More »

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Can I bake a pecan pie in a square pan?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanA pie is simply a pastry-lined dish filled with something edible. There is no particular shape the pastry needs to be in order to be considered a pie. Many cooks make meat ... Read More »

How to Bake Maple Square Cookies?

With a few simple ingredients, and mini muffin pans, you can have these sweet, chocolatey muffins ready in no time.Makes about 30 muffins.

How many square feet of carpet is this if he has ordered 10 square yards for his living room?

Answer the answer is 90 sq ft. there are 9 square ft in 1 square yard. 9 * 10 = 90

How many 20x20 square inch tiles dose it take to cover 56 square feet?

The concept is confusing but the math is pretty simple... Tiles are sold by the square foot not by the tile..Measure the room & round up to the next foot, ie.. 11' 6" just write it down as 12'If th... Read More »