Can I attach the mic from the Astro A40 headset to the Roccat Kave headset?

Answer offering an roccat aim assist for call of duty 4 here is a link

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I heard the Astro A50 headset had some issues when released, are they resolved?

I just recently bought the Astro A50's and I can say that I love them. Not one complaing so far and I've had them for about a week no static on my end. Worth every penny

How do I fix my Tritton AX 180 headset It broke where the earphone connects to the top of the headset?

I'm working on the same thing. I'll update this answer If I find out how

Which headset should I go with?

I would go with the Turtle Beach, a lot of people like it...

How do I use a PS3 headset?

Charge your PlayStation 3 headset for at least an hour before use by attaching the USB cable or charging cradle, then connecting the device to the PS 3 after charging.Turn the PS3 on, and wait for ... Read More »