Can I attach 2 Hard disks to my PC?

Answer Yes, easily.All you have to do is to look inside the computer and identify the spare connectors that will be present and the slots into which the hard drive can be fitted.Just plug it in, attach it... Read More »

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Why are old hard disks so expensive?

Because older computers can't support those large drives.I've worked for a couple of companies which have old computer equipment around because they've got applications which won't run on anything ... Read More »

Types of SATA Hard Disks?

A Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) functions as a serial version of an ATA interface. It delivers point-to-point channel communication between the computer main board and hard disk driv... Read More »

Question about External Hard Disks?

The cost depends on the brand, type, and storage. There are enclosures, regular externals (that need an outside powersource through A/C adapter), and portable externals (that power up through the U... Read More »

How to restore a macbook without having the hard drive disks?

No idea what you are asking about. Is this OS 10.8? 10.7? 10.6? 10.5?For OS 10.6, there is no "set" button. You need files. You get files from a DVD. You buy a DVD. Any other way of getting it is i... Read More »