Ok sorry for another question - but this is a nipple question - can you help me?

Answer im all excited for u hunni, my god i wish i had ur nipples *huh, shocked look* but u know what i a huge hug and lots of baby dust ur way, hunni if u dnt get ur bfp this month i will ... Read More »

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Another knee question?

Try to rest it as much as possible, simply because you do not want to aggrivate it. The pain is going to be there but the icing it will help. Keeping off it as much as possible will help a little... Read More »

Another pointless question?

3 TVs each one with its respective DVD, VHS and cable and 1 computer.

LOL another am I pretty question?

Hm.I might be reading this incorrectly, but you look smirky despite the attempt at neutrality. There's some real intellect in there.But you also look sad and a bit twisted up inside; that comes ac... Read More »

Another question for AP's?

Dear Gaia,YES!!! I would prefer open adoptions to be enforceable. I would prefer my child's mother to be in her life. I don't care what my child calls me. "Titles" aren't important to me. Even... Read More »