Can I apply for youtube partnership if i have a group channel?

Answer Yes, you can!

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Can I apply my Youtube channel to IGN for a partnership if my Youtube account is combined with Adwords?

Should i apply for youtube partnership?

Views don't matter anymore, you just need 1 successfully monetized video and you can be a partner, but you won't get features like a banner at the top of your channel. new partners dont get those o... Read More »

Where to apply for youtube partnership?

Be careful to do it the right way or they may deny your application to monetize. See video on how to earn income with youtube adsense below

Can I upload black ops 2 videos without partnership to my youtube channel?

Yeah im sure you can, just have a good read through the agreement and see if there is anything you dont like the look of but im sure its fine i have done it many times and have had no problems.