Can I add a second harddrive without erasing or affecting the first harddrive?

Answer yes it is posible just add the other hardrive ok but the hardrive has to be second slave not master slave ok

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Can I clone my harddrive onto an external harddrive?

You can use Norton Ghost (NOT free, although does have a trial) to clone drives, bit-for-bit...Trial:…Full: can also try one ... Read More »

How do you clear a harddrive of a second hand computer?

Make sure that you have an operating system to install, then format the disk completely and re-install. If the PC already has an operating system and you DON'T want to delete it, then it's a longer... Read More »

How do you transfer files from a pc to a laptop without using harddrive,bluetooth and USB. Only using Ethernet?

If you are using a router, you can simply attach all of the computers to them.Go to Network Connection in Control Panel and set them up as Home and Office Networking.Choose Other as optionThen Sele... Read More »

How do I destroy my old harddrive?