Can I Use The chatwing app to chat with people on the website?

Answer Yes, I use chatwing on my website and it works great. I also use Chatwing with my friends using the direct link i created, which works nice too.It is very simple to install, t... Read More »

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What website will let chat with a teacher? they chat with anybody i just wouldn't say your a teacher...

How to Make Money With Your Own Live Chat Website?

The Internet has brought people everywhere much closer together. With just a simple web search, you can find and see locations all over the globe. The same applies to interacting with people. Chat... Read More »

How do you chat with people on twitter?

use the @"inserttwitternamehere" to chat directly with someone - note that these are still public tweets. note that there is a direct message function if you want to send private messages

Do alot of bad people chat online with kids.Just like the show online bad people.?

There are bad people who want to hurt children in every town/city in every county in every state of this country, and in every other country around the world. Pedophiles are like cockroaches...they... Read More »