Can I Use Dryer Sheets in LG Dryers?

Answer Dryer sheets serve as both static reducers and fabric softeners when you use them in a clothes dryer during the drying cycle. LG, an electronic and electric goods maker, recommends that you do not ... Read More »

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Can two dryers be hooked to the same dryer vent?

Yes, you can hook two dryers up to the same dryer vent. You just have to get the right kind of hoses/ventilation so that both dryers feed into the same system with a split connection.

How to Make Dryer Sheets?

Always missing the rinse cycle? Never have enough dryer sheets? Have tons of unmatched socks? Here's what you can do.

How to Use Dryer Sheets to Remove Bugs?

Fabric softener sheets are designed to keep clothes soft and pliable, even after enduring a hot dryer. They can be used for many other purposes including removing and repelling bugs, however. They ... Read More »

Dryer Settings for Flannel Sheets?

Flannel sheets are primarily used during cold weather because the weave and nap of the flannel help retain body heat. Flannel sheets can be made from synthetic materials, wool, cotton or a blend of... Read More »