Can I Transfer My VHS Home Movies On To A DVD Through My Computer?

Answer Yes, if you have DVD burner and a/v inputs on your computer, plus of course, a vcr.

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How to Transfer 8mm Home Movies Onto DVD?

In this digital age, there's not much concern for preserving the home movies we shoot today. With the advent of digital camcorders and DVDs, preservation of treasured memories is almost assured. Bu... Read More »

How to Transfer 8 MM Home Movies to DVD?

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How to Transfer Home Movies From a Projector to DVD?

Transferring home movies from Super 8 or 8 and 16 mm film can be inexpensively accomplished at home. The most common method is to rent a digital camera such as a Sony Digital Handycam DCR-TRV315 wi... Read More »

How do you transfer VHS movies to DVD via a computer?

newegg.comYou'll need a TV card for your computer and Winfast PVR to record the video. WinfastPVR is what I use to transfer my tapes to DVD and I pair that with a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350http://www.... Read More »