Can I Take an Economic Hardship Disbursement From My 401k?

Answer For people facing financial difficulties, a retirement fund such as a 401k account may offer access to cash. However, not all plans allow hardship disbursements, and there are significant penalties... Read More »

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What is a 401k hardship withdrawal penalty?

A 401k plan is a tax-deferred retirement account that may be offered by your employer to help you save for retirement. Contributions to your 401k account are tax-deductible and the money grows tax-... Read More »

How to Qualify for an Economic Hardship Deferment?

Economic hardship deferments allow recipients of student loans to delay payments for up to 12 months. Students in a variety of circumstances, including parents and volunteers, may qualify for these... Read More »

Government Grant for Economic Hardship?

With the economy in a shambles over the last several months, many people with low income or tight budgets are left wondering how they're going to survive. The combined expenses of food, heating, e... Read More »

What is a college disbursement?

they will give you a check for what money you did not use on books and tuition out of your grants and scholarships.