Can I Switch RDRAM With DDR?

Answer On One Hand: Newer Can Be Faster and CheaperRDRAM is an older technology that is no longer supported in general purpose computers. Its latency--- the speed at which data moves in and out of memory-... Read More »

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Can I mix RDRAM brands?

You can mix RDRAM brands, but you should avoid this as using the same brand for all RDRAM modules produces the best performance and reliability, according to Foner Books. Especially avoid mixing RD... Read More »

Which is better: DDR, SDRAM or RDRAM?

On One Hand: DDR Is FasterDDR RAM has achieved near universal adoption with computer manufacturers. DDR RAM has the highest capacity and transfer speeds of all current types of RAM. Unlike RDRAM an... Read More »

How to Identify RDRAM?

RDRAM or Rambus DRAM is a type of computer random access memory found in many PCs made by manufactures such as Dell, HP and Toshiba. RDRAM is no longer used in modern PCs but many older PCs from th... Read More »

Is DDR SDRAM a replacement for RDRAM?

DDR SDRAM cannot replace RDRAM -- or vice versa -- in a computer system because the two types of RAM are manufactured for different motherboard designs. DDR SDRAM is not physically compatible with ... Read More »