Can I Still Collect Money From Unemployment if I Find a Job?

Answer While it may seem counterintuitive, finding a job doesn't necessarily end your unemployment benefits. In some cases, you can move from total unemployment to partial unemployment as long as you meet... Read More »

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Can you work any hours and still collect unemployment?

How many hours you need to work to qualify for federal/state unemployment insurance depends on the state in which you live, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Some states have no minimum ho... Read More »

How much can you earn and still collect unemployment?

The amount of money you're allowed to earn and still collect unemployment varies from state to state. In Texas your earnings allowance is 125 percent of your weekly benefit amount. In the state of ... Read More »

Can You Resign & Still Collect Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation?

Most people on unemployment were laid off from their job or otherwise terminated form employment for reasons beyond their control. In limited circumstances, however, workers may qualify for unemplo... Read More »

Can I Still Collect New Jersey Unemployment If I Moved to New York?

Unemployment insurance in New Jersey is designed to provide you with a majority of your working income if you lost your job through no fault of your own. It is a benefit that your employer paid for... Read More »