Can I Spray Carpenter Ant Killer on Flowers?

Answer Carpenter ants get their name because they like to make their nests in wood. They are omnivores that will eat both animal and plant products. Controlling carpenter ants that have invaded your flowe... Read More »

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Best bug killer spray?

for the spiders use a glue trap placed along baseboards...for the roaches it depends on if they are the large outside roach getting in or the smaller german roach that lives in the kitchen cabinets... Read More »

When can you spray ivy with weed killer&not hurt it?

On One Hand: Ivy is HardyYou can spray an herbicide on ivy and not hurt it if the ivy plant is healthy and intact. Ivy leaves have a waxy coating that protect the plant. The extensive root system a... Read More »

I need a spray on jungle killer, I want it to kill everything it touches?

When is it safe to spray junipers with weed killer?

You can spray a juniper with a weed killer at any time, but you need to be careful with the weed killer. Most weed killers also kill juniper plants, so spray carefully on the weeds, avoiding the pl... Read More »