Can I Send a Photo as an Attachment on an iPhone?

Answer The Apple iPhone is like a personal computer for your pocket. With email, Internet, applications, games and calling, the iPhone has almost everything a personal computer has. But when it comes to s... Read More »

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How do you send a photo by text message on an iphone?

That depends on your AT&T plan. In AT&T, MMS counts just like your SMS. So if you have an unlimited texting plan, then it won't cost a thing to send MMS.

How do you send a photo from an android phone to an Iphone?

If I send Apple my iPhone 3GS when the new iPhone comes out, will they send me an iPhone 4?

Phones are made with a built in obsolescence. They want you buying a new phone. Why on earth would they give you a new phone? They would much rather you buy one.

How to Send a Fax As an Attachment to an Email?

The first plans for fax machines were developed decades ago, and fax machines continue to be used today. However, there are more modern services that have made it possible to send documents to a fa... Read More »