Can I Sell My Home & Real Property Without Going Through a Realtor in Texas?

Answer Property owners are free to sell "For Sale by Owner," or FSBO, in Texas. This means you do not need to use the services of a Realtor or other real estate agent, but you need to understand the impor... Read More »

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Should i sell my own house without a realtor?

On One Hand: Pros of Selling by OwnerIf you sell your house without a realtor, you can save thousands of dollars on realtor commission fees. You also can control your advertising, and schedule your... Read More »

If I Transfer or Sell My Property While in Foreclosure, Can They Still Foreclose & Sell My Home?

Receiving a notice of foreclosure does not mean you automatically lose your home. The ultimate goal of the lender is to recoup the unpaid mortgage debt. If you are able to bring the mortgage balanc... Read More »

Will a new home builder pay real estate commission to a realtor?

In most cases, home builders will pay a commission to a realtor who sells the home. New home builders pay realtors from the sales price of the home or the base price, which is the price before any ... Read More »

Is a license required to sell timeshare property in Texas?

A license is required to sell timeshare property in Texas if the seller owns the timeshare property. If the seller is an employee of the owner of the timeshare property, no license is required for ... Read More »