Can I Save MIDI Files as MP3?

Answer Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is a standard or protocol that links musical instruments -- including synthesizers, sound cards, samplers and digital pianos -- with computers. The proto... Read More »

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How can i make midi files and play it on a midi player very easy?

many ways, depending on which one you find comfortable to work with. i'll just mention free programs:tux guitar: guitar tablature and notation basedmusescore: music notation basedmost others use th... Read More »

How to Burn MIDI Files to a CD?

A midi file is created by either a midi creation software or an instrument connected to a computer. The file contains the musical information about the audio recorded to the computer and even allow... Read More »

How do I change MP3 to MIDI files?

Online ConversionGo to a website that allows you to perform an online conversion. Two of these are and Other websites are available, and you can locate them... Read More »

How to Play MIDI Files on a PC Keyboard?

Musical instrument digital interface, or MIDI, is a language that external musical instruments--such as USB keyboards--send to your computer's sound card. When you're playing MIDI files, you're no... Read More »