Can I Save MIDI Files as MP3?

Answer Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is a standard or protocol that links musical instruments -- including synthesizers, sound cards, samplers and digital pianos -- with computers. The proto... Read More »

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How can i make midi files and play it on a midi player very easy?

many ways, depending on which one you find comfortable to work with. i'll just mention free programs:tux guitar: guitar tablature and notation basedmusescore: music notation basedmost others use th... Read More »

How do I change MP3 to MIDI files?

Online ConversionGo to a website that allows you to perform an online conversion. Two of these are and Other websites are available, and you can locate them... Read More »

How to Burn MIDI Files to a CD?

A midi file is created by either a midi creation software or an instrument connected to a computer. The file contains the musical information about the audio recorded to the computer and even allow... Read More »

How to Make MIDI Files From MP3?

The MP3 and MIDI formats both represent audio files. However, they could not be more different. An MP3 file contains compressed sound that plays at great quality with a small file size. A MIDI file... Read More »