Can I SALVAGE broken egg/spring rolls that broke while frying?

Answer Yeah I would definitely throw it out, it will honestly (not trying to be gross) give you the runs from all the oil. Plus it wouldn't be as tasty it would probably only taste like oil.

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You have broken your philodendron at the base What can you do to salvage as much as you can?

Keep the soil moist and put it near an east window in a warm room, and it may start to come back for you.

How to Salvage a Broken Wine Glass Stem?

uh-oh.Ever break a wine glass stem?? DON"T THROW IT AWAY!! Fix it, make it usable and interesting!!

How to salvage a broken PC's hard disk and backing up on a newer PC?

Plug the HDD into another PC as a secondary Drive. Load up the computer normally. You should see the second drive there. Just drag files off of it to something else. Most likely Windows just got da... Read More »

Is my toe broken should i see a doctor please help i never broke anything before!?

That's almost certainly broken, all right. I've had half a dozen fractures - arm, ankle, tailbone, rib, finger and toe - but fingers and toes hurt the worst. Unfortunately the doctor can't do much... Read More »