Can I Put Hair Curlers in My Son's Long Hair?

Answer When it comes to hair curlers, they can be used for any type of hair, given as long as the hair is longer in length. The hair curlers can be used with thin or thick hair, as well as curly or straig... Read More »

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Hair Styles Using Curlers for Long Hair?

Achieving the gorgeous effect of long, curly hair can be a little trickier than a short, curly mop. Not all curlers will work for you, as foam rollers, for example, can't maintain their shape under... Read More »

How to Put Long Hair in Overnight Curlers?

Sometimes girls and women want shiny, bouncy curls. Some choose not to subject their hair to the damage heat can cause, so they need an alternative method for curling their hair which will cause li... Read More »

How to Get Curly Hair Using Hair Curlers?

Getting curls from hair curlers is breezy simple with this quick method. The advantage of curlers is no prolonged heat and no permanent chemicals but you do have to sleep on them, so make sure you ... Read More »

How to Remove Hair Stuck in Hair Curlers?

In the 1950s and '60s, females of all ages suffered through many sleepless nights to achieve curly, bouncy hair via large, plastic hair curlers fastened with metal clips. Curlers have evolved since... Read More »