Can I Pay a Loan With Inventory From My Business?

Answer Corporate merchandise can be used in many ways to settle operating loans, but none of them includes conveying the goods directly to lenders' grounds and storing them on their premises. Although a b... Read More »

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Inventory Checklists for a Business?

An inventory checklist helps business owners maintain accurate information about company assets. By keeping precise counts of items ready for sale, owners and managers can reorder goods to maintain... Read More »

How Does Inventory Impact the Liquidity of a Business?

A firm's leadership is responsible for reviewing corporate liquidity levels and ensuring that the firm has sufficient cash to fund operating activities. Senior executives also make sure inventory l... Read More »

How to Audit Inventory for a Multinational Business?

The audit of inventory is an accounting process that seeks to ascertain the movement and consumption of a company's materials and finished products with the objective of identifying and reporting a... Read More »

How to Count Large Amounts of Inventory for a Business?

Inventory records must be maintained for income tax purposes and business financial statements. Counting inventory may seem like a huge undertaking, but breaking it down into steps will lessen the ... Read More »