Can I Mix Water With My Radiator Liquid?

Answer Yes. If your engine is overheating and you've got a bottle of water in your car, don't hesitate to pour the water in. It may help you avoid seriously damaging your engine.

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Can you water plants with different types of liquid?

Yes, plants can be watered by different types of liquids. The problem is that they just might not live. So your best bet is to just stick to the old fashioned way and water your plants with water!

Is water the best liquid to grow plants with?

of course it is! you realy have to be careful on what soil you use and where you place the plant,and of course it all depends on how much you water it and how big the pot is. yes

Why Does the Water in a Car Radiator Often Boil Explosively When the Radiator Cap Is Removed?

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How to Repair a Radiator Liquid Leak?

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