Can I Hook My Computer to My HDTV?

Answer On One Hand: Certain computers have HDMI outputsMany newer computer, especially laptops, have HDMI outputs, which make it a snap to hook your computer to your HDTV. Simply use an HDMI plug to conne... Read More »

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How to Hook Up Harmon Computer Speakers to an HDTV?

Harmon Kardon computer speakers can be quickly connected to an HDTV with a Y-adapter to convert the TV output jacks into a single jack that will work with the speaker system. The Harmon Kardon spea... Read More »

Trying to hook up my HDTV (26" Pilot) to my computer.?

No, that definitely will not work. That cable is designed to give you RGB from VGA. This cable will not convert VGA (RGBHV) to a Component Video signal. The Green cable in Component Video is a colo... Read More »

What cables do i need to hook up my computer to my lcd hdtv?

yes vga to vga will work for the video but you need to get a rca to 1/8" jack y cable to get your left and right audio, and make sure its a stereo jack not mono, and you should be fine.

How do you hook up a personal computer to a HDTV that does not have a VGA in?

You must get an appropiate adaptor; see the site:-,39066264,61985379-7,00.htm