Can I Have a Latte With No Milk?

Answer The proper name of the latte coffee drink is actually "cafe latte," from the Italian meaning, "coffee and milk." However, there are ways to make espresso drinks that are very similar to the traditi... Read More »

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Is soy bad for you Like tofu, soy milk, soy ice cream, soy latte, etc.?

In large quantity, yes. Soy is an ingredient found in many processed foods, and people often consume too much of it.The estrogen in soy causes hormonal imbalance, and that I know of, soy is linked ... Read More »

What is the best temperature to steam ALMOND milk for a latte?

Should i drink milk first or have breakfast and have milk after that?

i'd say the milk is usually part of breakfast.

Doesnt Chia Tea latte have caffiene?

Yes, Chai Tea does have caffeine, although the mix they use to make their lattes at Panera may not have much in it (leading to a 0 mg labeling).