Can I Force My Cactus To Bloom If So How?

Answer I believe you can, but I'm no expert. When I look at the conditions needed for certain cacti to flower, I think the same conditions can be obtain in a control environment; such as with a (homemade)... Read More »

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When Does a Barrel Cactus Bloom?

Lost in the desert, a man spies a squat, round cactus on the horizon. Like a mirage, it glistens with the hope of moisture. Everyone knows the barrel cactus -- it has saved television, movie and ... Read More »

How do you get a Christmas cactus to bloom?

put it outside. the angle of the sun prompts the budding. i just got a new variety, can't wait. nice buds, tangerine. Answer Christmas Cactus is a succulent, therefore (Ideally) it should be in lo... Read More »

What is the saguaro cactus bloom called?

The saguaro cactus [Carnegiea gigantea] bloom is called a bat blossom. It's quite attractive, with its creamy white color and its large size. But it takes patience to see the display. The saguaro d... Read More »

Does a Christmas cactus only bloom once a year in December My Christmas cactus bloomed in December and?

Christmas cactus will bloom if given long uninterrupted dark periods, about 12 hours each night. Begin the dark treatments in about mid-October to have plants in full bloom by the holidays. You can... Read More »