Can I Drive My Car With a Leaky Radiator?

Answer The radiator is a vital component in keeping a vehicle's engine cool. Driving with a leaky radiator can cause continued coolant loss, engine overheating and potential major damage. Only drive short... Read More »

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How dangerous is it to drive with a leaky fuel injector?

On One Hand: Fire DangerA leaking fuel injector valve constantly dribbles fuel into the engine, and an externally leaking injector can drop fuel on hot exhaust manifolds. An external leak presents ... Read More »

How to Fix a Leaky Radiator?

Radiator leaks happen. If your radiator starts leaking, it does not mean you have taken poor care of your vehicle. This is just a natural part of a car’s aging process. That being said, radiator ... Read More »

Can a Leaky Radiator Cause a Car's Heater to Malfunction?

A leaking radiator may cause a number of problems for an automobile, including causing heater malfunction. Even after the leak has been repaired, problems may continue with the heater for a number ... Read More »

What Happens When You Drive With a Broken Radiator?

Engines generate a great deal of heat while creating the energy to move your car forward. To offset this, engines are cooled by a radiator that dissipates heat that could otherwise damage or ruin t... Read More »