Can I Deduct Legal Fees Paid to Reach a Settlement With My Insurance Company?

Answer The tax treatment of legal fees depends on the underlying cause of the expenses, particularly whether they are personal, business related or income-producing. Generally, personal legal fees are not... Read More »

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Must you reimburse your insurance company for medical bills paid on your behalf when you get a settlement from the other insurance company even though youve been paying premiums to cover medical costs?

Answer normaly yes, many people dont. you can wait it out, see if they ever catch on. if not go buy some shoes, if they do, which usually takes at least a year, get ready to return the shoes. even... Read More »

I filed a claim with my insurance company. they paid me half of the settlement I get the other half after i purchase the items on the list they sent me. Why is that.?

Because you have "Replacement Cost Protection" The coverage is designed to replace your loss not compensate you for it. Be glad you have it. Otherwise they would only give you that 1st check and th... Read More »

If your insurance company gives you the option of being paid directly by them or by the other drivers insurance company which is a better choice?

Answer Depends on who's going to give you more money and other factors such as will your rates go up if your company pays you, etc.

Do you have to reimburse a health insurance provider that paid for medical bills if you received a bodily injury settlement from your auto insurance?

If they have a Subrogation Clause (Section of Property Insurance and Liability Insurance policies giving an insurer the right to take legal action against a third party responsible for a loss to an... Read More »